Lets Clean Up The Honey Market

We keep buying honey with good faith, believing it to be the genuine thing, but unfortunately most of the imported honey in shops these days is not real honey. Just this month, The Guardian reported that all the British honey tested in an EU fraud investigation failed an authenticity test. Producers of such fake honey are raking in massive profits while selling unhealthy, fraudulent products. They are doing so in a conscious, systematic, and comprehensive way. These fake honey producers are also pushing real beekeepers out of the market, which has an environmental impact. As Albert Einstein has been quoted as saying, “If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.” And all of this is happening just so that a tiny group of people can make more money. Something has to be done about this situation, and we are working to change it for the better. Who are we? Some beekeepers from Estonia who want to make a difference. But we are branching out and working with marketers, chemists, lawyers, and lobbyists to support more regulation of the honey market, including the creation of laws and unique formulas that will allow us to keep fake honey off of shelves for good. We also want to start a dialogue with governments worldwide to achieve our aims. If you have competency in some level mentioned and are interested in our mission, please get in touch with us. People everywhere are being cheated out of good honey, and beekeepers are losing their livelihoods. And so are the world’s bees, upon whom we all really do depend. 



e-mail: info@cleanuothehoneymarket.com